Version History / Changelog

The Starlit Escape version history and changelog:

Stable Beta

Fixed map connection issues.
Added basic area maps.
Added configurable controls.
Fixed a bug that would cause you to get temporarily stuck when pausing in fall through platforms.
Player now automatically hits the ground during cutscenes, before being restored to their previous movement state.
Fixed a graphical error with Echo's idle animation.
Fixed Coin Magnet bug.

Nerfed Endo.
Nerfed Echo.
Fixed map connection issues.
Added extra ability for Espy.
Buffed endgame bosses.
Grammar fixes in Central Hub computers.
Added a .5 second delay before you're able to heal or swap ghost when opening pause menu to prevent accidental potion or use or ghost swapping.
Added a special sound effect when picking up money bags.
Lowered shop prices.
Money bags now give you $250 upon collection rather than $100.
Increased chance of enemies dropping bigger coins.

Nerfed Echo.
All bullets now show the damage animation for bosses and enemies.
New Outer Deck area music.
Added animation to show player moving to ground during cutscenes.
Added tutorials.
New jumping and landing sounds.
Fixed map connection issues.
Added hint for secret power-up.
Added a use icon when stood over things that can be interacted with.
Fixed a bug that would cause using Armageddon in conjunction with Echo to crash the game.
Added notifiers in Central Hub computers when new info is added.
Buffed endgame bosses.
Added another endgame shop.
Removed escape key closing the game, it must now be done by exiting to the title screen or closing the game window.
Fixed a bug that would cause endgame cutscene text alignment issues.

v1.4 (Current Version)
Player location is now displayed on map screens.
Fixed an issue that softlocked the game when setting all controls to the same key. Controls no longer save until you use a save point, so closing the game will fix this issue now.
Nerfed endgame bosses
Lowered the time tutorials stay on screen from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.
Arrow points towards the first save point in the Storage Chambers since some new players were confused on where it was.
Added tutorials for saving since some new players were confused on how to save.
Added a tutorial on the title screen on how to select options since some new players were confused on how to start. (It's X by default!)

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