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the download wont work for me

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I think I stumbled upon a bug where my account is listed twice under the trends tab. :S

Edit: It seems like it corrected itself? Not sure exactly what happened there.

Once you gain a high number of followers your account name can appear on the trending tab. All trends also have a small chance to appear multiple times on the trending tab, not a bug don't worry :)

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Social pressure is a really refreshing game. I love the chosen style and soundtrack. Simple and fun to play again. Hope to see more of your work.


very cool game. even though i was doing the same thing over and over again you somehow made it fun haha 

gameplay at 10;42
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I enjoyed the game it ramps up quickly, so it's not a huge time sink for what seems to be a management/idle game. The graphics could be better and the sound didn't work for me, but I still enjoyed it my play through here!: 


This game is actually such a cool concept / idea, and you done it justice, well done!

Hey! Thank you so much!

While playing through i found a small bug where once you hit 100k followers, and are introduced to the mental health part, it doesn't allow you to press "5" and soft locks you. other than that, really enjoyed the experience

"S" is the key for checking sanity, not 5. I can see how some confusion may come up with the small pixel font, I'll look into making it clearer in an update!


Oh that makes so much more sense thank you

S doesn't work either, I must have broke it lol


Nice game. I love the style and the possibilities. I’m stuck at the last achievement, but i’m gonna to find how to get it x)


Awesome game, finished my first run in about an hour. I will now try to get on the dark side.